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Human Resource Management System (HRM)

A human resource management system is a software solution for small to mid-sized businesses to help automate and manage their HR, payroll, management and accounting activities.

Most are flexibly designed with integrated databases, a comprehensive array of features, and powerful reporting functions and analysis capabilities that you need to manage your workforce. This can give back hours of the HR administrator’s day previously spent attending to routine employee requests.

Product details

  • Employee self service : Employees can update personal information and view benefits elections, absence transactions, time-off balances and payroll information
  • Employee Database: Unlimited Clients Database, You Can Add/Edit Clients Information
  • Clients Database: Unlimited Employee Database
  • Search Engine: Search Employee, Clients Any Time
  • Custom Categories: Easily Create Employee Category List
  • Accounts: Easily Add Cost, Salaries, Rents as your Accounts changes
  • Statements: Check Daily, Monthly Profit And Loss Statements
  • Version: On-line/Off-line Available

Key Features

Employee Database

You Can Check Your Inventory Any Time. How Much Product Now Available In Stock

Clients Database

Auto Invoice Generate And Printing.Clients Database And More

Payroll Management

You Can Check Daily/Monthly/Yearly Sales Statements,Cost History Day By Day,

Receive And Payment Statements

You Will Get 30 Days Free Training And Support, Support by Phone Or Mail 24/7 Free